Top Beers for Celebrating Memorial Day

For many, Memorial day is the start of Summer. Barbeques, bikinis, and all day drinking are just around the corner. It’s a holiday of remembrance. While most may not have lost anyone personally, it’s still good to observe for all those lost in service to our country. You’re going to grill, no question, you’re going to burn the steaks, again. Since you really need to show you don’t fuck up everything you touch, your choice of beer is a very important one. There are plenty of brewers out there that bleed red, white, and blue and dozens of beers that reek of patriotism. Here is my selection of beer for your Memorial day cookout.

Kentucky Breakfast Stout – Founders Brewing Co.

Infused with coffee, and aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels, this highly acclaimed stout couldn’t have more American ingredients if it were brewed with bald eagle feathers. The good ole USA loves their coffee. All day, every day. From the time we threw a little tea party in Boston, it’s been our upper of choice since the revolutionary war. Real Bourbon only comes from Bourbon County, Kentucky. It’s the key ingredient in your mint julep, but adds a real punch to KBS. Enjoy this delicious beer with your brisket, or possibly your after dinner cigar.

Kentuck Breakfast Stout

Lone Star – Miller Brewing Co.

I know, I know. Texas is practically it’s own country, and the locals occasionally grumble about succeeding, but more often than not, Texans are fiercely patriotic. Lone Star may be the “national beer of Texas” but it can be enjoyed all across the country as the perfect pairing to a fresh off the grill burger. Yes, Miller Brewing Co. Hey, it is what it is. Originally the beer was produced by Alamo Brewing Co. Do you remember the Alamo Brewing Co.? Despite having changed hands many times over the years, this crisp, refreshing lager is still brewed in Texas and is the go to suds for many.

Liberty Ale – Anchor Brewing Co.

I considered not including this beer on the list. It appears on almost every ‘Murican holiday centric beer post I could find. It ultimately made the cut, though, and not because of its name. I included it because Liberty Ale, uses 100% Cascade hops. Cascade is the number one hop of choice in American beers. It was developed by the USDA breeding program at Oregon State University, and is considered by many to be the hop the helped start the Craft Beer Revolution. It is still THE signature hop in the American Pale Ale. Liberty Ale is distinctive, balanced, and delicious.

Achnor Liberty Ale

Spotted Cow – New Glarus Brewing Co.

Cream Ales are a truly American Style. Invented in the 1880s as a competitor to lagers that were becoming popular at the time, the cream ale is a slightly ambiguous style. Happily fermented with either ale or lager yeasts, it was developed for breweries that were not set up for cold lagering. Being lager-ish, it is best served cold and as a thirst quencher. Spotted Cow is probably the best example of the cream ale that I’ve ever had. Refreshing and light, but still full of flavor. This is an incredibly quaffable beer.

American – Anheuser-Busch

Soooooo Budweiser is officially renaming itself America for the summer. Is that even legal? I mean, they did it, so I assume so. Even I’m having a hard time arguing against America being the most patriotic beer name in…..America. I mean, it’s right there in the name. BMC is getting damn clever in their marketing. Cause if you don’t like it, well then you are obviously anti-American.

America Budweiser

Memorial day barbeques are swiftly approaching. Be sure to eat, drink, and be merry, but don’t forget to pour one out for those who can’t join in on the festivities. They are the reason the holiday exists. I don’t believe it should be a somber day, but more of a celebration of the freedoms we enjoy because they paid the ultimate sacrifice. So pop a top, and join me in a toast to fallen heroes. They have my eternal thanks.

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