The Definitive Guide to Decorating With Beer

You like beer. No wait, let me rephrase that. You LIKE beer. Every glass you own is from a pint glass from your top 20 favorite breweries. You steal cardboard coasters from local taprooms, and your idea of decorating is a beer bottle centerpiece on your Texas Hold’em dining room table. All well and good…if you’re in your early to mid 20s and are still trying to pass remedial algebra. It’s only natural to want to display your passions and hobbies proudly, but you’re an adult now. What works when you’re in college doesn’t hold up as a young professional trying to land a mate. Style needs to mature and evolve. So how does one display their love of beer culture, but not look like they live in a frat house? Well pull up a chair boys and girls. Here is my definitive guide to decorating with beer.

1. Go Multi-functional

Single function items have no place in the modern household. It needs to pull at least double duty to deserve a place in your 300 square foot efficiency. Lamps are a perfect example of this. One of my favorite pieces is the beer bottle lamp from New Wine Old Bottle, an Etsy store that specializes in industrial lighting. You can subtly display your love of beer while providing mood lighting.

industrial beer bottle lamp

2. Go vintage

Modern craft breweries invest heavily in marketing and have some major money dumped into branding. Some labels these days are almost works of art and look incredible. However, a 40 year old beat up miller lite can has some a certain undeniably cool quality to it. When it comes to vintage, it’s easy to overdo it. Don’t turn your entire house into a museum, rather have pops of personality on a side table or shelf. You can even buy a special display shelf or build it yourself if you’re particularly DIY inclined. Just make sure that the shelf is simple and doesn’t compete with the can for your attention. Vintage beer mirrors or bar signs are also an excellent choice when going vintage.

3. Turn it into art

Prints, shadow boxes, and cap collectors are great ways to bring booze into the modern and acceptable. It’s important to achieve balance with art hung on the walls. It should be hung at eye level and be an appropriate size for the space. Small pieces on a large wall look out of place and odd. Big walls need big art, so size accordingly.

Cap Collector

4. Get organized

I love my pint glasses as much as the next guy. $10 for a glass and three pours is a hell of a deal. Now you have 23 different glasses, all with different logos. It doesn’t exactly scream adult. Choose your favorites, and chuck the rest. Or donate, whatever, then go and get a matching set of glasses. Serving guests with an adult of glasses might not have the same flair as a unique glass for everybody that walks through the door, but like McDonalds, it’s all about the experience. It should be the same each time. Focus more on what goes in the glass than the glass itself.

Change can be difficult. You’re style has gotten you this far, so why bother to update right? Consider it a new beginning and dive into adulting feet first. It’s entirely possible to decorate with a beer inspired theme and not appear like it’s your first apartment from college. Don’t worry, It’ll still be a sausage party, so that should at least be comfortingly familiar.

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