Fine Pint – Drink Better Beer

Beer is life. No, really. Some historians believe that beer fundamentally changed the course of human history. The cultivation of grains led to humans absconding the hunter/gatherer way of life in favor of agriculture. The tradition of drunken karaoke and cock blocking quickly followed. Arguably, no other discovery has had as much impact on your daily life as beer, whether you realize it or not.

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Beer brings us together. Over a pint we grow closer to friends, reminisce about days gone by, plan tomorrow’s adventure, even drown a few sorrows. It’s social lubricant, liquid courage, and the perfect ice breaker all in a glass. Beer deserves our respect. Whether it be yellow and fizzy or contains subtle notes of vanilla and apricot.

Your local watering hole just wouldn’t quite be the same without a cold refreshing pint. You might as well get rowdy at the local library. As everyone knows, good stories rarely involve you being sober. So belly up to the bar ladies and gents. Order a pint, and get ready to dive in. Like I’ve already said, beer is far deeper than your glass would have you think.

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