Beyond the Brewery: Blue Owl Brewing

Blue Owl Brewing is a rising star in the Austin craft beer scene. Located on Cesar Chavez in the trendy East side, this brewery specializes in sour mash beer. A bold choice given that Jester King, which is also located in Austin, was well established as one of the best producers of sour beer before Blue Owl opened their doors. They do an excellent job though. They aren’t competing with Jester King though. They’re doing their own thing and doing it well. Most of their beer is fermented in bright, shiny stainless steel vessels instead of barrel aged. There are definitely barrels stacked against the wall, but they’re more for special releases and are the exception instead of the rule. They realize that if they’re on the East side of Austin, the hipsters wont stand for it if there isn’t some sort of barrel program.


Parking anywhere on the East side of Austin is always challenging no matter where you’re going. The tap room is a touch on the small side and can be a bit of a mad house during peak hours. Ahhhhh, B.O. and sour beer, a match made in heaven. While their beer is excellent and deserves (and will get) much more attention from me in the future, that isn’t the point of this post. Instead, I wanted to showcase the special events that Blue Owl Brewing puts on. Their Facebook page is filled with tons of activities you can purchase tickets for. My girlfriend and I participated in a class where we learned how to make concrete planters. A $30 ticket got us four samples from the taproom, a pint glass to keep, and all the materials to make our very own concrete planter for succulents. Succulents sold separately.


The class took place in the brewery itself. While a tour wasn’t exactly included, it was very cool to sit next to pallets of cans and stacks of grain while trying to cut out cardboard and duct tape it together into a mold that wouldn’t spill concrete all over the table. Once that part was done, it was pretty simple to mix together the concrete, pour it into the mold and use a small cup to make the spot for the plant. Yes, it was a very simple project, but everything is enhanced by beer. I give their Little Boss sour session wheat top marks.

concrete planter

Blue Owl Brewing offers much more than planter making classes. They craft their own syrups as additions to their beer and have release parties you can attend, they offer classes in terrarium making, and sponsor Six Pack Showdowns, a panel that discusses all topics beer related. Blue Owl Brewing events make for a date your girlfriend will love you for, plus beer. What more could you really want? Maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll touch your penis. For info on upcoming events, be sure to check out their Facebook page.

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