Austin Beer Challenge

Fine Pint would like to present the Austin Beer Challenge!

Living in an up and coming beer city, it can be easy to get into the rut of visiting the taproom of your favorite local brewery. Too many choices can lead to you not making one at all. That’s why I’ve created the Austin Beer Challenge.

Austin Beer Challenge
Look how happy they all are!

Here’s how the challenge works:

  • Visit every brewery located within Austin
  • Drink every mainstay beer on site at the brewery
  • The smallest sold pour at the brewery counts (so bring on the flights!)

That’s it! There are over 20 breweries that produce of 100 mainstay, year round brews, so you need a systematic approach. The only way to do it in a reasonable amount of time is to hit several breweries on the same day, ala crawl style.

I’ll be posting updates to the event on the blog, so be sure to check it regularly. Also, please show your commitment to the cause by joining the Meetup group and downloading the Austin Beer Challenge Checklist to keep track of all your beers.