Fine Pint is dedicated to all things craft beer. Drink better beer is its slogan, and should be yours. Fine Pint intends to shine a light on all the things that the craft beer industry not only gets right, but what it can improve upon. The mere act of watching something improves it, and there is always room for improvement. Craft beer may be mainstream now, but that’s where the danger lies. The drive to pump out more and more product can cause some breweries to let quality slip, and that is unacceptable. Fine Pint is the ever watchful eye, never blinking in the face of an IPA or a Russian Imperial Stout. I hope you join me in my quest for better beer.

My name is Trey, and I love beer. I mean, I REALLY love beer. I’d marry it if I could. I started off like most beer drinkers with the standard macro beers. My first ever beer was a smooth and malty Coors Light. Don’t worry, I got better. Being from Monroe, Louisiana (of Duck Dynasty fame) you can imagine that my choices of craft beer were fairly slim. Sam Adams was considered exotic, and mouth puckering IPAs and imperial stouts just flat out weren’t available. In fact the entire craft beer section of my grocery store was about half of a single section of freezer. Sam Adams, Red Stripe, and Shiner Bock was about it.

Trey Crowe

It wasn’t until I got to college that I finally began to see what good beer could really be. I went to LSU in Baton Rogue, and it’s the only place I’ve ever been called a pussy for going to bed at 6 AM. Don’t ask me exactly which beer popped my craft beer cherry. That memory is long gone in the haze of time and drunken tail gating. Needless to say, I had a blast. All good things must come to an end, though. Mine came to an end sooner that it should have when I made the decision to return home for College after my Freshman year. A decision I still regret to this day. I was back in Monroe where the beer selection had not improved much. Besides the occasional sixer I picked up when out of town, Boston Lager and I were close friends.

Years later I casually mentioned my interest in homebrewing to my significant other. Come Christmas she gifted me with with a Mr. Beer kit. More than a few people’s first dabble in the hobby of homebrewing came from one of those shitty little kits. It sat in my closet for over a year before I finally busted it out and gave it a shot. It was utter shit, but I was so proud. It tasted like green apple and even my friends couldn’t tell me it was good with a straight face. I was hooked though. I didn’t even use Mr. Beer a second time because I plunked down the money for a starter kit from Austin Homebrew Supply and the rest was history. Probably thousands of dollars later and definitely years down the road I wound up in Austin, TX, where to beer scene is booming. I now had access to some of the finest local beer in country as well as shelf upon shelf of amazing beer from all across the world. I had arrived.

Things continued thus for years. Leading up to today. Why have I decided to start Fine Pint? Mostly to ensure that craft beer lives up to its potential. Quality product is still the norm, but I’ve noticed a growing trend of mediocre in the marketplace. Craft beer is officially mainstream and breweries can’t open their doors fast enough. They’re pumping out can after can and sometimes the rush to produce is causing the quality to take a hit. I’ll be damned if IPAs become so common place that they hold the same esteem as BMC. Beer, quite literally, changed the course of human history, and craft beer changed the course of mine. It gave me what I believe will be a lifelong hobby, a social lubricant, liquid courage, and a passion that connected me to some of my best friends.

Why exactly and I putting so much effort into Fine Pint? It’s a bit hard to say if I’m being honest. It’s a creative outlet for a serious enthusiast, an opportunity for me to find my voice through writing, and my chance to do my part to make something I love just a little bit better. There are so many reasons that I couldn’t name them all. I hope you enjoy Fine Pint and appreciate what I’m trying to do with it. That being said, that is probably as nice as I’ll ever be here. I’ve been described as surly before and it seems to come out in my writing. Hey, it’s just my style. Maybe it will change and evolve, but it’s just my opinion. If it offends you, then please tell me what it’s like to be so weak the words can hurt you.